New version of RentSense helps increase completion rates by 9%

We’re pleased that the roll-out of the new design of RentSense (or to give its technical name User Interface (UI)) has helped users increase average weekly completion rates by 9%.

With more information available on screen that is laid out in user friendly design it is clearly having an impact.

If you have not made the switch you can try it today by clicking here. If you want your housing team to try the new RentSense then forward them this email so they too can try the new UI.

The feedback so far has been really positive including officers explaining how ‘Information is a lot clearer,’ and it is a ‘better look and feel,’ and this is clearly impacting officers ability to complete more cases.

The new overview page has got a lot of income managers really excited, as they ‘can see everything in one place’, ‘provides a visual representation of performance and gives a clear understanding of UC impact.’

Several income officers highlighted how they like the work tray being split by priority breakdown and rules breakdown, as it is ‘Useful to be able to breakdown workload in different ways’ and it ‘Enables workload planning to be alternated between priorities to maximise customer contacts.’ 

Try it today

Try the new UI today, click here, it is really simple and around half of customers have the new UI. Forward this email to your colleagues so they can try it.

If you want a guide to using it simply click on ‘my account’ in RentSense and then select ‘download user guide’