Lanarkshire based Housing Association, Clyde Valley, has invested in RentSense to help them mitigate Universal Credit and embed efficiencies within their income collection team.

Like many landlords Clyde Valley has experienced an increase in workload due to Universal Credit, and that coupled with the added complexities of helping to manage these claims has seen an increase in arrears.

“We want to become more efficient in how we use our resource, so we can manage the escalating workload and mitigate these effects on performance,” explains Fin Smith, Customer Service Director at Clyde Valley Housing Association.

Central to this was to give the income team the ability to manage and prioritise caseload. Clyde Valley looked into how other landlords were doing this and found a common theme to be the use of RentSense.

“Market research gave us a great insight into the experience that other RSLs have had with RentSense and the benefits that they have realised. We visited and spoke with other RSLs to understand their journey and were clear that RentSense was the right solution for us,” commented Fin.


“It’s great to have another Scottish landlord on board with RentSense. We are finding more and more landlords are turning to RentSense to get that accurate caseload that enables housing officers and income teams to make the difference to their tenants.” Commented Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft.