Adactus, a Housing Association based in Leigh, in the North West of England, have created critical efficiencies within their organisation by automating their arrears management process.

Adactus had already embedded significant efficiencies within their income function by introducing changes back in 2012, which included deploying RentSense, that generated an additional £400,000 in the first year. However, Adactus consistently look to improve and adapt their systems, processes and performance, as Mike Murphy, Head of Income and Leasehold Services, at Adactus explains:

“The environment is changing, and processes must have to change with it and if they are not changed you also become stale.”

With this in mind, Adactus spoke with Mobysoft about automating actions against cases that RentSense was presenting officers that are escalating along the arrears process.

The Impact of Automation

The importance of the automation for Adactus was multi-layered, by pulling out cases that need escalation this gives officers more time to deal with in-depth cases and it has delivered multiple benefits.

“The predictive nature (of the automation) allows us to get information about the true levels of arrears, and focus on money outstanding to the organisation and it reduces the need to look at some cases as the system automates them,” explains Mike.


“RentSense coupled with the auto escalation is helping us maintain our performance, our arrears are currently 1.76%, in spite of Universal Credit. Also, the caseload it automates, around 380 each week, is the equivalent of 2 FTE,” comments Mike.

The RentSense automatic escalation module can be adapted to follow any number of escalation processes, using a variety of contact methods whilst taking into account a range of data items including tenure type, vulnerability indicators along with actual and projected arrears levels.

“Adactus is the first social landlord to use RentSense automation module,” comments Paul Evans, Commercial Director at Mobysoft. “It is a valuable plug-in to RentSense that helps deliver further measurable efficiencies whilst helping maintain performance.”