Deployment Process

Quick and Seamless

Deploying RentSense or MobileLogic is a quick and seamless process. This is partly because all our applications are cloud based, which limits the resource and involvement of our clients and their IT departments, and also because we help automate much of the configuration process.

RentSense Deployment

It takes just 10-12 weeks to fully deploy RentSense and this forms part of the service agreement, which helps ensure the process is quick and seamless. This includes:




Analyst Visit



MobileLogic Deployment

MobileLogic is usually configured within a four-week process. This starts with an initial Q&A; from this we can calculate how to set an organisation’s rules for the system.

This process helps us understand work schedules, officer capacity, the HMS system, data feeds and so on. In turn, this enables capacity planning, automation and data feed testing.

The system is then tested and depending on the results either set live or re-configured to new specifications and then tested again and set live.

Simple Deployment

Both RentSense and MobileLogic are simple, quick and hassle free processes, making sure our customers spend their time using our solutions and not setting them up.