Discovery Day

A Free Consultancy Day

Free Consultancy Day

Before landlords become customers, we offer them a free consultancy day, or what we term a ‘Discovery Day’ The basis of this is to evaluate and measure their current income process and systems and readiness for Universal Credit. Depending on the organisation we carry out this analysis over a day or several days.

It is an unobtrusive process as we sit and observe different income officers and the operations, systems and processes in use.

Leading Analysis

This detailed analysis enables us to measure the effectiveness of the systems and processes that officers have to work within.


Mobysoft then prepares the findings from the day and presents them back to the organisation. We are able to offer insight on how the results compare and contrast against other landlords, as well as how organisations can create further efficiencies that will enable income teams to manage the additional workload that Universal Credit will generate.

Why Commit to a Discovery Day?


  • Analyses income collection processes and systems
  • Highlight where landlords can deliver further efficiencies
  • Ensures processes and systems are fit for purpose
  • Has been used by over 100 landlords to improve performance

“Whilst we are a very high performing team I would recommend speaking with Mobysoft. It was their consultancy that demonstrated inefficiencies with our current approach and the benefits which were achievable to allow us to improve even further and respond to the welfare reform challenge.”

John Davidson

Director of Customer Services, Cairn Housing Association

Consultative Approach

Want to know more? We analyse your processes and systems then present our findings based your facts and figures calculating what Rentsense can help deliver.