Client Services

Our Client Services department are dedicated to helping our customers meet their KPIs that formed part of their Business Case Proposal.

Every customer has their allotted client success manager (CSM) who helps deploy RentSense in the business and deliver the training.

The Client Success Manager then works with the customer with the aim of helping them meet their targets.

They monitor performance, and this culminates in a quarterly meeting, to present a diagnostic report on how RentSense is performing.

On-going Education

Client Success Consultants also offer a variety of online services including individual customer Q&A sessions and online workshops addressing different elements of RentSense.

Best Practice Events

Client Services also provides free best practice seminars throughout the year that address different hot topics; for example managing Universal Credit.

These offer best practice guidance concerning RentSense and industry-wide advice from peers, as well as being an excellent networking opportunity.

Product Development Programmes

Client Services, with the Technology department, manages Product Development Programmes where customers help shape and trial new solutions.

So every new module and solution we launch addresses actual customer needs and adds real value to their organisation.