Date: 2nd June

Time: 9:30 – 12:30

We are running a series of regional webinars covering Covid-19 and managing the recent surge of Universal Credit claimants. Covid-19 has created an unprecedented demand for Universal Credit. In the first two weeks of lock down there was a 700% uplift on claims with close to 1 million new claimants.

The recent surge of 1 million new claimants in the first two weeks of lock down is added at a time when landlords are navigating the issues of dealing with the pandemic and for many a new way of working.

So how do landlords manage this new landscape, especially when resources may well be stretched and what approach should be taken with new claimants? Can landlords still take an enforcement or support approach, or are landlords having to look to new ways of working and take a much more nuanced approach? And what resources are left for other tenants that need support or are falling into arrears?


Our guest speaker, Nicholas Beasley, from Rotherham Council, will share his approach to coping with the influx in Universal Credit claims and how they are managing their income team in these unprecedented times.

Mobysoft will also share insight from across its 150 customers and what approaches they are taking as well as having their Income Maximisation Directors Liam Davies and Laurie Franks host an interactive session on what best practice could look like.

These regional interactive webinars are an opportunity for local peers to share experiences and discuss how they are managing in this new working environment.

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