A great income service needs to know when to take clear, direct action whilst also acting with empathy and sensitivity around customers with support needs. Due to the current environment, the recent influx of Universal Credit registrations, only stretches resource even further. Service restrictions mean we cannot support everyone and we ask – how do we get the balance right?

As Social Landlords it is often hard to know where to draw the line in terms of supporting tenants but ensuring they are paying what’s owed along with making it fair for everyone else.

Throughout the summer, Mobysoft are running a series of webinars covering the balance between support or enforcement with Universal Credit and how best to get it right. Providing the opportunity to discuss the merits of both sides and where the line must be drawn so that it is fair for both parties.

The webinar will include speakers from a local Social Landlord, and Mobysoft’s Income Maximisation Directors Liam Davies and Laurie Franks.

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