Date: Tuesday 10th September

Time: 09:30 – 12:30

Location: Dundee City Council, 50 N Lindsay St, Dundee, DD1 1QE

This workshop will address mitigating Universal Credit and embedding best practice as part of standard income collection process.


This workshop is aimed at heads of income or income managers and will discuss various income collection strategies that can be applied across organisations that help mitigate Universal Credit. Spaces are limited to one person per organisation.

The session will cover the following topics:

1. The new principles of income management         

With many teams approaching arrears management in a similar way or using the same “re-cycled” ideas, we explore the new principles of income management and what these mean for you and your organisation.

2. Difficult conversations: – Re-enforcing the personal responsibility agenda         

One of the cornerstones of welfare reform is personal responsibility. What techniques can you employ to re-enforce this and why should you?

3. Ending the agreements culture

An increasing proportion of debt has the “consent” of Officers. We explore the pitfalls of an agreements culture for both you and your tenants – along with how to make a good one.

4. Escalation policy – look again

We are so used to applying our escalation policy we’ve become detached from what it should mean. Avoid expensive reviews by re-interpreting your escalation policy and applying a different approach that resolves arrears sooner and more effectively.

5. Rent in advance

Challenge conventions that dictate providers accepting payments in arrears of housing benefit, UC and even direct debits.

About Jon Brownbill                                    

The facilitator for the day is Jon Brownbill, who has recently joined Mobysoft, after working in income collection for social landlords for 9 years. Jon has vast experience of managing high performing income services for providers across the North West of England – in his last role he reduced gross arrears to 0.56%. Much of his notable work centred on challenging existing approaches and applying innovative techniques that have now become the norm in the sector – he was one of the first to secure

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