Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm


In recent years landlords’ strategic vision for their organisationsand customer service have been underpinned by digital transformation. Enabling customers to interact with their landlord at their convenience. And for organisationsthey have a holistic view of their customers. In turn this has given many CIOs and CTOs more of a voice in steering the strategy of landlords as technology moves from simply enabling to being a strategic pillar.

However, the environment continues to evolve and the pandemic has forced many to become more agile and deliver projects at a quicker pace. And from a broader perspective landlords have had to reassess their own organisations’ goals and objectives, which are being reflected in updated business plans.
How has this changed transformation strategies for organisations’ and their goals or has it simply accelerated the need to meet pre-exisiting objectives. At the Mobysoft ICT forum leading landlords and vendors share their insight into their journeys so far.

AUDIENCE: This webinar is aimed ICT & Transformation directors and senior managers




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